Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new custom leechoso by abz!

i'm beyond stoked to introduce the newest addition to the [ever growing?] leechoso series. this, my fine friends, is doze. he is brought to us by the amazing Abz, and i must admit, i was "full-on kevin's mom" when i saw doze for the first time. and when i made him, i had to keep pinching myself as a reminder that i had something to do with this "killer" toy. but all the credit goes to Abz for her amazing custom.

doze joins salazad's boss, and horrorwood's miasma in the family, and quite frankly i feel very blessed to be a part of it. a huge thank you! 

now, a little more about doze:

"Doze aka The Sandman is lethal. One only needs to observe the patterning on his skin to know this. He worked as a freelance 'cleaner'. His favorite movie is Kill Bill Vol. 1. Whispering 'wiggle your big toe' just before pulling the trigger became a ritual. In 2005, he retired from the syndicate to pursue his true passion, music. He now sings lead and backup vocals for his hugely successful rock band, Kiddo's Black Mamba."

toy of the day • april 27th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 27th, is...

billy sweet monster • by tougui

sweet indeed, and it's no wonder as tougui has a certain knack for capturing a great emotive feel with his toys. there's just something so kind about this one. grab him HERE

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

toy of the day • april 26th, 2011

the toy s the day for april 26, is...

macho mecha • by marshall alexander

a great little bot from one of the giants in paper, marshall alexander. his designs are the epitome of whimsical, yet complex, and at the same time, a joy to build. 

his style is unmistakable.

his toys are HERE

Monday, April 25, 2011

toy of the day • april 25th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 25, is...

garden monster • by andrew groves x speakerdog

i have a ton of monsters in my garden, they're called rabbits. i'd much rather have a bunch of these guys roaming around. wonder if they like rabbit?

unfortunately, ben the illustrator has retired the speakerdog series and there's no longer a readily available download. but if you look in the right places, you just might find them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

toy of the day • april 21st, 2011

the toy of the day for april 21, is...

beatrice • by zooguu

like candy. that shoots fireworks that turn into puppies. that lick your face. why wouldn't you?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

toy of the day • april 20th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 20, is...

burlabox • by alessio blanco

I absolutely love this, despite it being 180 degrees from what i usually gravitate towards. maybe it's that uniqueness that draws me to this toy, or simply it's that its beauty is inherent. whatever the case, if you collect papertoys, this is one that belongs in your collection. grab it HERE

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[demonicæ voltirium.]

demonolatage is a lightning demon [demonicæ voltirium.] 

he and his bretheren are older than the earth, having inhabited the farthest reaches of space long before creation. wherever lightning exists, so do lightning demons. these guys roam around on a whim, traveling terrestrially, waiting for the next strike. knowing moments before one is about to occur, they ready themselves so as to grab the bolt, riding it up into the heavens as it recedes from earth. landing thousands of miles away. sometimes light years away.

if there is intelligent life in other solar systems, these would be the guys to ask, but they're not talking. demons at heart, their true love is mischief. incomprehensibly powerful, capable of massive destruction, they show a tremendous amount of restraint. just don't let one hear you say the words, "lightning never strikes twice."

it might very well be your last words.

normally their mischievousness makes for a happy lightning demon. unfortunately for demonolatage that is not the case. as much as he adores lightning, what he really loves, is love. and for him, the greatest expression of that is a hug. and therein lies the problem. everything he hugs turns into a fried crisp. a really good bear-hug results in him holding a pile of ash. so demonolatage wanders the earth, alone, lonely. when it becomes more than he can stand, he'll catch the next bolt and ride it to iowa where he'll find a pig farm. there he'll hug a pig. very quickly. and then he'll eat the bacon.

he's ridden enough thunderclouds to know there are silver linings.


toy of the day • april 19th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 19, is...

mechaBunny • by salazad x nick knite

there are forces uniting here beyond what any of us can comprehend. just try and understand it. too beautiful for words.

Monday, April 18, 2011

toy of the day • april 18th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 18, is...

egg mouth • by creaturekebab

this delightful little, uh, creature, comes to us courtesy of creaturekebab, and the awesome book, "we are paper toys!"

Friday, April 15, 2011

toy of the day • april 15th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 15, is...

tentaclopse • by fwis x readymech

the toys from readymech will always have a special place in my heart, being my introduction to the wonderful world of papertoys. i can't promise you the same experience, but i can show you the way... HERE

Thursday, April 14, 2011

toy of the day • april 14th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 14, is...

evil icy • by nick knite

this menacing ice cream cone is but one of 50 [fifty!] amazing toys to be found within the pages of PAPERTOY MONSTERS. the book was curated by castleforte and published by workman, and i must say, they did an awesome job. 

i've already bought 3! get yours HERE

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

toy of the day • april 13th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 13, is...

foldabot • by marshall alexander

this little toy is the ingenious creation of marshall alexander, one of the more whimsical papertoy creators out there. this foldabot is the product of a little printer malfunction which turned mine greenish instead of the normal grey. you can get yours HERE

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


this, is toofy.

toofy is mischievous, toofy is type b, toofy doesn't pay taxes, just knows how to charm the taxman. toofy dates way out of toofy's league, toofy's friends all shake their heads in amazement.

toofy gets away with it. toofy gets away with all of it.

toy of the day • april 12th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 12, is...

jack frost • by harlancore

just one of the many tré cool boxpunx from the very prolific harlancore. i'm going to provide a link, but i can't help you with the time you're going to spend there. good luck!

Monday, April 11, 2011

colonel mak korighan by guillain le vilain

all i can say is wow!

and you will too once you see how this was made. check HERE for more details.

the ancient shaman series #2 [shin tanaka]

these are the ancients. the shaman mystics of a world that existed a long time ago. 

this shaman ancient wrote the rules of the sky and of the water. this ancient shaman is the one all others looked to when the stars fell, expecting some kind of explanation. all they received in return was a knowing smile.

toy of the day • april 11th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 11, is...

freddie [rodrigo del papel] • by dolly oblong x tougui

one of my favorite customs across any platform is this amazingly detailed interpretation of the wonderful tougui toy, rodrigo. the list of designers who contributed to this project is a who's who in the papertoy community and freddie here is every bit as wonderful as any other, but then again, what else would you expect from dolly oblong? get freddie HERE

Friday, April 8, 2011

toy of the day • april 8th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 8, is...

california hot rod by scott schaller [f studio] x horrorwood

this awesome custom was done for the horrorwood "calling all cars" series 3. easily one of the more involved in the whole line, it's worth every second. find out for yourself HERE

Thursday, April 7, 2011

toy of the day • april 7th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 7, is...

vandalized nurikabe by macula

i love looking at this guy, it seems everytime i do, i see somenthing different. legend has it, this guys get the blame for mysterious auto accidents and traffic jams. no wonder he looks so frazzled. help him out and give him a nice calm place to hang... HERE

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

toy of the day • april 6th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 6, is...

ninja by yebomaycu

so elegant, so original, so awesome! get your ninja on HERE!

miasma, a custom leechoso by horrorwood

i'm very grateful and humbled to present miasma into the small but growing leechoso family. considering jack lives in japan i'm just thrilled to know my friend and his family are alright.

esoteric to the nth degree, miasma represents many layers of thought and interpretation. i never in my wildest dreams ever considered this toy going to the places horrorwood has taken it. thank you! DOWNLOAD

see the rest of the leechoso family HERE

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

toy of the day • april 5th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 5, is...

ye-boT • by abz x yebomaycu

the ye-boT is an amazing platform to begin with, but in the hands of my friend, and the mad genius behind oh-sheet, this toy gets even cooler. love the color and design. symmetry is an arrow that goes straight for my heart. get yours HERE!

this is ty!

ty likes the simple things in life. like mouth breathing and taco bell chalupa burps.

he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's loyal and ever-ready to love. that tongue of his is always loaded with a good kissin'. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

the ancient shaman series #1 [mistermanolo]

these are the ancients. the shaman mystics of a world that existed a long time ago. 

mystics, keepers of time, soul healers, spirit guides, mind travelers. these are the shamans. when the grateful dead sang, "steal your face right off your head." these are the ones who can do it.

meet the kauzbots!!!

keith page is a dear friend of mine. he's also the force behind kalvin the kauzbots and the rest of his kauzbot krew.

these are not simple robots, or robots for the sake of being robots. these are robots on a mission. these are robots with a heart. each of the 10 different kauzbots champions a cause every single human should care deeply about. Pictured here are Kourage [pediatric end of life care] and Kruz [clean drinking water].

to learn more about the kauzbots and their amazing efforts to combat 10 of the biggest challenges to humankind, please head over to and pick a cause you care deeply about.

toy of the day • april 4th, 2011

the toy of the day for april 4, is...

cherry love by ismoyo x nani? bird.

beautiful, delicate, wonderful. she'd look amazing on any window sill in your home. get her, and all the other wonderful designs, HERE

Friday, April 1, 2011

toy of the day • april 1st, 2011

the toy of the day for april 1, is...

jagannatha by kawaii-style x 3eyedbear

the perfect amount of detail and color. gorgeous. get jagannatha HERE

you might have to dig a little to find it on the site, but there's plenty of cool to look at, and worth a few mouse clicks.