Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[demonicæ voltirium.]

demonolatage is a lightning demon [demonicæ voltirium.] 

he and his bretheren are older than the earth, having inhabited the farthest reaches of space long before creation. wherever lightning exists, so do lightning demons. these guys roam around on a whim, traveling terrestrially, waiting for the next strike. knowing moments before one is about to occur, they ready themselves so as to grab the bolt, riding it up into the heavens as it recedes from earth. landing thousands of miles away. sometimes light years away.

if there is intelligent life in other solar systems, these would be the guys to ask, but they're not talking. demons at heart, their true love is mischief. incomprehensibly powerful, capable of massive destruction, they show a tremendous amount of restraint. just don't let one hear you say the words, "lightning never strikes twice."

it might very well be your last words.

normally their mischievousness makes for a happy lightning demon. unfortunately for demonolatage that is not the case. as much as he adores lightning, what he really loves, is love. and for him, the greatest expression of that is a hug. and therein lies the problem. everything he hugs turns into a fried crisp. a really good bear-hug results in him holding a pile of ash. so demonolatage wanders the earth, alone, lonely. when it becomes more than he can stand, he'll catch the next bolt and ride it to iowa where he'll find a pig farm. there he'll hug a pig. very quickly. and then he'll eat the bacon.

he's ridden enough thunderclouds to know there are silver linings.


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