Tuesday, August 7, 2012

please redirect!

as of now, this blog will no longer be active. please visit baykiddead.com for all your paper toy goodness. thanks and see you there!


Sunday, January 29, 2012

bkd, and the NEXT year of paper...

i recently gathered all my paper toys from my first year of collecting and took a big group picture. it was cool to look back on the toys i built during my initial year as a paper toy fan/freak/collector/builder.

there are some sweet toys in there, and i intend to add to the collection, in fact, i've already built a new set of toys, added some more shelves, and am ramping up for another great year immersed in this amazing culture of art, expression, vibrance, and sharing.

plus, there are quite a few plans being made at baykiddead, some seeds being sown if you will, so please stay tuned in the next few days, weeks, and maybe even years. hopefully you'll dig it as much as i do.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

the unauthorized SPIKY collection ~ series no. 01

you know those toys that you find and immediately fall in love with? maybe print out a few and place them into your "to-do" pile, but every time you reach for it, there's a little voice in your head telling you that you're not ready for it yet? well, the SPIKY was one such toy. each time i went to build it, i felt that, "not yet" feeling. and then a few weeks ago i finally went for it and built PLAYTIME. 
it immediately became my favorite toy. just holding it in my hand brought an immense smile to my face. so elegant, so awesome! it also set off a mad search for any more i could find, yielding very little in the way of satisfaction (more on this later.) i did however, thanks to the generosity of greenelf, get my hands on the blank. so i started to think, why not make my own?
so i set out to customize this amazing toy, despite the fact that it's over 5 years old. the plain and simple being that i want more SPIKY in my collection. we all know how shin feels about his old toys, but i can't help but think that the world's a better place when there's more shin tanaka out there, condoned or not. i might be wrong here, and i'm certainly not suggesting these five will change anything other than the fact that they make me happy, but why not make more? why not spread the blank around this mad world of ours and raise a few smiles?
so i did, and i'm sharing them with you. i hope you like. 
i won't be making these available on a file sharing service, if only to honor shin's desire to keep things "limited" and "rare" but i will gladly email you the template[s] of your choice should you ask nicely. and all that i ask, in the spirit of shin's wishes, that you yourself don't distribute them. should you encounter someone wanting them (if i allow myself to think they're desirable) send your friends to me, and i'll pass them along.
peace, love, and of course, PAPER!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

birthday post

today was was/is my birthday, depending on your time zone. 

i had grand designs on spending the entire day folding paper, i would build a ton of toys. the toughest question was what would i build on this day of days? caught up in the question, one thing led to another. a fire or two to put out, appointments and the such.

i found myself at the end of the day, relishing every second of my birthday, but building not one toy. i did organize a few files related to paper toys, but nothing to place on a shelf. through the organizing however, I came across a sweet little template that I'd forgotten about. One 5" x 7" sheet of paper later, and it was mine.

a simple enough toy, but in its finished state, a very remarkable one. i finished building it and looked at my watch. still a few minutes to go on my birthday, and if i was going to build one toy on this day of days, i don't think i could have picked a better one.

new leechoso custom from ash+

was very excited to get this in my mail the other day...

wayfarer is some sort of venus fly-trap with feet. a very interesting leechoso to say the least. digging this! thanks ash!

get yours HERE.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ghost Machine no. 520

This is my custom for the insanely cool ye-boT by Yebomaycu [Marko Zubak].

You can get this and many other custom ye-boTs HERE. You are also free to hypothesize as to what the other 519 ghost machines look like.