Tuesday, May 3, 2011

april recap

i know this is a bit late...

here is april's group photo, headed up by the curiosity calendar of the month, a sweet take on the gorgeous world of analog music. as a fan of vinyl, this toy obviously knocks it out of the park for me.

not a very productive month for making toys, be them others or mine, but...
• the leechoso series grew by two with amazing customs by horrorwood and abz
• i fell in love with PHIL's boxcan
• two new shaman ancients (abz and harlancore's boxpunx)
• two of shin's br. bears as well as completing his spiky baby series 1
• and all of these other wonderful toys

where i lacked productivity on the toy side of things, a few more irons were placed in the fire, or seeds in the ground depending on which metaphor you prefer, and i re-made the space in which i operate, affectionately dubbed the "control tower."

no more inherited mauve walls with droopy, sad-ass, shelves. now it's gallery white with bitchin' custom made wood shelves that put the paper front and center.

what does may hold? stay tuned! 

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