Friday, May 20, 2011

do we really need more mediocre papercraft?

when desktop publishing hit the masses a few decades ago,  a warning was sounded that went something like this, "just because everyone will be able to do it, won't mean it'll all be good." the same can be said of web publishing. star fields and fireballs anyone? repeating kitten backgrounds?

now i really don't have a leg to stand on here, being a total noob in the paper world, with no real street cred to speak of, but i do pride myself on having some semblance of constraint and taste when it comes to folding paper. just because it's free with a few clicks of a mouse, doesn't mean i'm going to print it out and place it in my collection.

because let's face it, it isn't really free. there's the cost of paper, and ink, and glue, and the wear on the blade. all minimal costs, sure, but they do add up. the real cost,however, is in time. there are a ton of things i'd rather do than spend that time on a cartoon retread, especially when it's just a poor derivation with little to zero imagination or ingenuity.

i realize i'm standing on a soapbox here, and the chaff will get separated from the wheat [more cliches, anyone?] the cream will rise to the top [you asked for it], and in the long run those with a mastery of the craft will continue to produce stunning work and i'll continue to gladly spend my time and resources on adding these amazing pieces to my collection.

i don't want to call anyone out, but i do feel the need to say enough with the shit paper. enough with the disposable and the forgettable.  i also realize there's a market for crap, why else would two and a half men still be on air? at this point i'm just venting, but i wish there was a way to tune out the noise as i can with bad television. all inclusive is great, for cruise ships, but there's a reason that the douchebag "painter of light" isn't in the louvre. 

i'm done with this rant, for now, but i don't want to piss and moan without offering a solution... so i'll step away for awhile and think about it, maybe some distance from the issue will provide the clarity. in the meantime, i'd like to say thank you to those who blow me away with their designs and generosity. the list is long, thankfully...

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