Tuesday, August 16, 2011

stěny: [scream]

note: full disclaimer: back in the summer of 1994, as I was traveling through minneapolis, mn., i came across a bit of graffiti reproduced here on this stěny. i have no idea who the original artist is/was or anything beyond the memory of the tag and the incomplete photograph i took of the piece. it was an image that was alway important to me as it allowed me to break down my all-too-conventional thinking when it came to my own photography and what i was allowed to do with my pictures after i took them. it was the original image of the "scream" that i used as a guinea pig for my experiments with photoshop and post-production. i've always held a strict set of guidelines for what i'm willing to do with my "fine art" photography, but it was this image that set me on a course of a different art, and for that i'm very thankful for the discovery of the wall that hosted this piece of art. the stěny scream is a tribute to that.

it should also be mentioned that this was the beginning of the alter-ego that eventually became baykiddead.

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