Wednesday, November 30, 2011

birthday post

today was was/is my birthday, depending on your time zone. 

i had grand designs on spending the entire day folding paper, i would build a ton of toys. the toughest question was what would i build on this day of days? caught up in the question, one thing led to another. a fire or two to put out, appointments and the such.

i found myself at the end of the day, relishing every second of my birthday, but building not one toy. i did organize a few files related to paper toys, but nothing to place on a shelf. through the organizing however, I came across a sweet little template that I'd forgotten about. One 5" x 7" sheet of paper later, and it was mine.

a simple enough toy, but in its finished state, a very remarkable one. i finished building it and looked at my watch. still a few minutes to go on my birthday, and if i was going to build one toy on this day of days, i don't think i could have picked a better one.

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  1. Happy Birthday Baykid. Sorry you couldn't spend the whole day building. I have been waiting for a break in the action here to do the same. School and work are taking up 99.9% of my time. Hopefully this weekend i can build a few that have been calling to me :) Just remember you dont need a special day to build a toy. Any day can be used!