Saturday, March 26, 2011

fiendly, a leechoso • by baykiddead

this is my first crack at a toy of my own.

it's name is fiendly, a monster from the species leechosomus cyclopticus. we commonly know it as a leechoso. for those of you unfamiliar with the leechoso, they're extremely social but for obvious reasons are rarely engaged in conversation by others. they prefer punk rock [and not the lame teeny-bopper sh*t that passes for it these days]. they collect 2 things passionately, old handbills from CBGB's and outdated paper currency from countries using the EU. it's favorite being the koruna. it has a voracious appetite, eating any kind of berry and as much spinach as it can find, though it loves chocolate-coated espresso beans and cartoons from playboy magazine.

one last thing, it can change it's height on a whim, usually shrinking when mad or depressed. conversely it'll grow to it's full height [23.5 cm] when it's happy. some have reported seeing it reach almost 27 cm., but that was during a 1980 bauhaus concert in berlin.


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