Friday, March 25, 2011


this is baykiddead and the chicklet factory. we kinda dig monsters. we like our monsters soft and cuddly, or made out of paper, and even the kind that jump out of the shadows in the movies.

as far as we're concerned, the sharper the teeth, the slimy-er the slime, the funkier the funk, the better. bonus points if they like large gatherings of other monsters.

now before we go any further, imagine if you will, a monster-less world. not a pretty thought is it? that's why we're here, to make sure there are plenty of monsters to go around.  and to make sure each and every monster has a home to call it's own, a bed to hide under, and a closet to jump out of.

maybe even get one elected to the senate. they sure could use the help.

anyways, welcome, enjoy, adopt a monster. come back, tell your friends. play with your children.

all the best...

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