Thursday, May 26, 2011

new work from salazad!

wow. stunning. hot damn. sweet lord when do i get my hands on these...

just a few of the thoughts that passed through my skull when i saw the NEW WORK from salazad. these really jump out as amazing, regardless of the current state of paper. these could have been released at the zenith of paper toy's run as a art medium [future / past?] and helped to define the era. considering the dreck i've been seeing lately, these pop even more, and hopefully signal a return to incredible work as a rule and not the exception.

for now, we'll have to be content knowing that these are out there, and eventually will be released. sal promises that once the show these are a part of runs its course, he'll do what he can to get them into our hands. i feel confident in speaking for paper enthusiasts everywhere that it can't happen soon enough. thank you sal!

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