Monday, June 20, 2011

new APE paper customs

the new series of custom designs for the APE paper toy from vinsart have come online...

this is a cool toy based on the three wheeled utility cart ever present in the tiny streets of italy. in the past, vin has re-interpreted or re-imagined some of the ways in which this vehicle could be used, cigarette smuggler, sushi chef, guerrilla insurgents....

but now he's let others in on the fun. the new batch of designs are from salazad, saloquin, thunderpanda, zerolabor, scott charron, horrorwood, giulia mag, marko zubak, abz, and yours truly.

it's an honor to mentioned in the same breath as some of the heavy hitters in paper and the designs are stunning. vin will be releasing them one at a time, so keep checking back HERE

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